Tickled Pixels

I am having so much fun! I have been invited to a wonderful pixel forum.

I sincerely can not say enough good things about this wonderful place.
heyurs was completely right when she told me its fun, its safe, no drama.
And I'm seeing so many of those old familiar pixel faces that make me feel so much joy.

I have felt so lost the last year and a half since moving out on my own and being divorced.
I go to work, I go home, and I cry. Who am I if I'm not the wife? The wife I've been for
33 years. Thats what I was supposed to do. Thats who I was supposed to be. Raise kids,
buy a house, buy a stove, buy a refrigerator, progress through life and go up the ladder to
a better job, better opportunities... Buy a dream car that I never ever thought I'd have, buy a dishwasher,
buy smokers and BBQs, have a garden, a water hose to use whenever I want. All my own things.

But, all that is just money right. Not actual happiness.
So, now I have to find my happiness...

I'm really happy to be back pixeling and creating and being around other creative hearts.

My Signature Graphics purchased
by me at RPP


Difficult Day...


Today was very rough at work today. I ended up calling 9 - 1 - 1 . I have just had enough of this tenant thinking she can lie, and just do whatever she pleases.

There are rules and guidelines to follow in low income housing! It's not a druggie flop house! Anyway --- So, I was just relaxing,  looking around over at Graffiti Graphics.

I just can't tell you how nice it is to come back to LJ and find the same wonderful places are here to get help with codes and graphics. Over at Graffiti Graphics, so much talent and good images to use over there for our profiles, and icons, etc... Cute stuff, awesome fan stuff! I luvvvv my series and movies!

I see banners and icons over there from Outlander, Vikings, Carnival Row. I tell you! I am SO ready for Carnival Row to come back. Well, ok. I'm totally over ready for all of my shows to come back. Some we won't even get to see this year. *cries - no American Horror Story for me this fall*

Who is waiting for the new Vikings series that is coming to Netflix in the fall of 2021 by Ryan Murphy! YAS QUEEN!! I can't stand the wait *giggles*
Picks up after the original Vikings show that was on the History channel - 100 years later.

Thanks for reading my ramblings *lol* I'm so glad to be back here at LJ peacing my life together ;)

Have a spectacular evening :D

Signature by me
Graphics purchased at: Melys Arts


Been A Long Time...

... AGAIN *lol*

I'm just wandeing around trying to find my place in the world.
I'm trying really hard to get all the images updated on my Friends Only community as well as
my journal.

So much stress and anxiety at work. I can really feel it in my chest. I hate that feeling so much.
But, I've been trying to work on here for a bit each day, after work.

I'm in the middle of changing the theme too. It will be a while until I can get a matching header banner created though.

I hope everyone is doing well in this pandemic. Hugs & Blessings to you XO



Advent Siggies!

I've been getting some really pretty winter signatures over at JB Pixel Graphics!! OMG They are Soooo Pretty!!!! Using Tea's Hope Chest graphics. Remember those pretty pretty graphics? OMG I was so innnnn love with those!!!! They reminded me of old time paper dolls! SO pretty!!! I'll show you some of my pretties, then you go grab some too!

Aren't these so pretty!!! Other graphics were used as well.
Let me know if you have the low down on more Advent sites. I stumbled across this one by accident *giggles*

I hope your all warm and filled with love and kindness! I'm actually getting excited about my natural
wrapping paper look this year. A wonderful idea I got from Jacquelyn that I feel great about!!!
Taking brown recycled paper and decorating it with lace, jute, etc... instead of buying that expensive
wrapping paper that is just wasted. This way I feel like I'm not just contributing to killing off our trees for no reason. :)
And I get some craft supplies that can be used for other projects. And I am in love with the natural clean look and get to have
some pride and homespun love put back into the christmas spirit :D

Much love and kindness XO
Pixels Plus | K 4 U


Back Pixeling

Back pixeling, and looking for a home. I just don't know... :'( Having a hard hard time finding a pixel home. No money for a domain, or webspace. I wanted to use my own wordpress themes, and have editing access. But where I bought a cheap domain name at is very limited on data backup. Limited to just 50 MB. Extremely hard to stay under that.

But if I come back to LJ, which I love it here. LUV my theme, luv the peeps here. Then I don't know where to store my zip files. And not sure how to do my purchaseware and stuff like that... *ugh*... :'(

I'm in a fix again. In the process of going through my things and selling things in Facebook Yardsale Groups and tossing out the junk. Didn't work out with the hubs. I'm done being hurt and crushed, not cared about, not loved, no affection. Total jekyll and hyde personality... And now I'm stuck without an income of my own. - Left my horrible CNA job to stay home and do full time Younique - my makeup business. Which had been a dream of mine for a long time. But takes time to build and when I constantly have him tearing me down. That is hard to do. And constantly interferring with me doing my work, my LIVES, etc... its been a hard 10 months.

A constant emotional roller coaster with a narcissist.

I'm not giving up on my makeup business. I continue on. I have since started doing personal development every single morning. This has only angered my hubs even more *lol* Ya know, because its not a good thing to be strong ;) LOL!

I am also looking for work and have come back to pixeling :D




I luv it when I wake up with a clarity and realize how wrong I was. A situation that felt so awful, is actually the complete opposite!!

Now I realize how things really are.
I've been feeling like going back to work in nursing is an ending. An ending to all the hard work I've put into my beauty business the past couple of months that I've been home and working so hard every single day on my business. I don't want all that hard work
and progress just going down the drain.

When I work full time outside the home, I don't work my business the way I have wanted to. In the past I have let stress get to me.

But today I woke up at 3:00 in the morning to my husband being a jerk and cussing at something that I had done. I put the entire crock pot in the frig last night so I could hold on to the handles that are on it. Because its so heavy when its full. It's so hard for me to lift the inner pot out. I would probably drop it. If he wants it put away so perfectly, perhaps he should have done it himself. But then again he does that all the time. Acts like I'm lazy when I can't do something. After all he's 6ft tall and I'm 5'2. So theres a bit of a difference in our body size. And my back and shoulders are shot from 11 years of nursing and 11 years of housekeeping.

Thats okay, after I went back to sleep. I woke up feeling great and with
a clarity. This is not an ending! This is a beginning. This is an ending to feeling imprisoned! This is freedom girl!! Hellooo!!! *giggles*

I get a sign on bonus at my new job that he doesn't know about. Plus  for every extra shift I take I get time
and a half plus $75.00 for that day. They are 12 hour shifts. Yes I'll get worn out. But I'm in much better health now than I wasa
couple of months ago. I have much more fruit intake. I make a fruit smoothie every day. I've started eating kale. I've added chai seeds, Spirulina capsules, and a natural anti-depressant/joint therapy - SAM-e, along with Thyroid medication and 2 other Rx medications to help with migraines. I feel pretty great as long as I keep my diet clean. Ummm yeah. Lets say that one again. As long as I keep my diet clean! *lol*

So, not an ending... A new chapter.

I get to move out quicker woohoo!! And be done with this abusive insanity! I deserve more. I deserve better. Everyone does!

By Euri @ Beyond Eternal



I don't know that I will be able to get a christmas site created. I might decorate my journal in winter. I might make an LJ winter site... A lot of work. And my beauty business just keeps me very very busy. And I'm also going back into nursing three days a week as well, and also help out with my grand kids. Nursing takes me 60 miles from home (one way).

Anyway, I've decided to go with using a with a sign up form. If you sign up before December 3rd I will include from December 1st.
Sign up form

A couple of my cuties include


Looking For Christmas Sites

I'm just going to throw this out here while I look through my journal and possibly my friend's journals for what I'm looking for...

I want to sign up or whatever I have to do to be able to go to the Christmas/Advent sites this year. I have been looking forward to collecting some winter/xmas/yule signatures/goodies. Some of my most fave type of signatures!!! Fall and winter are my most most most favorite!!!

((((Hugs n' Blessings — Julie 




I have been so busy lately. But on the other hand, not nearly busy enough *giggles*

I have been working on tubes. And I've also strayed back over to a forum I was a big part of yearssss ago. Delphi Forums. I'll leave a link to my forum there later on. My forum theme had a little css whoopsie today *lol* I've been making signature tags, and just kicking back looking through old old discs, looking back at my old work. Which can be so funny!
Heres some of what I've come up with lately...

this is an old sigtag that I updated with a new font.

I colored an outline of my own, that I'd never done anything with.
(the little sugar jar with the heart) and I recolored the mug with better colors.

I have had a lot of fun the past couple of weeks running across old tubes, plugins,... I got my PSP plugins working again with the help of a gal over at Delphi. She gave me some .DLL files I was in need of!