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Day1-THRIVE Experience...

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My photo is a little fuzzy. And I really do not enjoy taking photos of myself. But I did it. And in unflattering areas. The fat bicep. Really?! But I did it. I'm moving on...

Today is my first day using the THRIVE Lifestyle system. I call it a 'system' because it is a collection of products to use together. THRIVE is not a diet. But an overall health and wellness system. I've taken my 2 women's capsules. I've made my shake and am drinking it now before I go to work. And I've had my DFT (Derma Fusion Technology) patch on for almost an hour.

I can't say I'm completely pain free only after being on Thrive for 1 hour. (I have lots of different pain issues to resolve) But ummm how come my back isn't killing me? How come it isn't as stiff and how come my hip joints don't seem as painful and stiff? I was beginning to wonder if its possible to get frozen shoulder in my hip joints. Anyway, I kinda feel like busting out in a little work out routine. I don't feel exhausted like I usually do at 4:00 in the morning. (I did get up at 3:00 today with my hubby)... Strange. I've been reading testimonials all week long about how people have felt an improvement right away. I didn't expect to though. Being a skeptic. *eek*

NOW I can begin really promoting these products from my heart and my own personal experience as a free Le-Vel Promoter. It's hard for me to sell something that I don't have an experience to attach to it. I feel like I'm coning someone *lol*

It's so strange to feel like I can't wait to go to work and get my day moving!! All of us aides dread going to work. Who wants to go to work and deal with all that stress, getting pinched, scratched, bitten, kicked...  But I feel strong, energetic and prepared to take on my day.

I will probably write another post on how my day went, when I get back home. And would like to start video blogging my journey as well. Which will be available to view on youtube...

Goddess Bless! - Julie

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