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23 July 2014 @ 08:45 pm
My Thrive Pre-Story  

Just yesterday I heard about an amazing company called Le-Vel Thrive from my friend and Passion Sister Kristie Sutton. So just one day into the business and I already got on a conference call. Which made me feel great about myself. And I ended up getting on a Passion Parties Team Leaders Elevation call tonight too! Wooohoo!!

I have been reading a lot about Le-Vel Thrive today and yesterday. One of the first things I did is check out the ingredients. My diet is gluten-free. So that is always the initial things I check into before buying anything I don't make myself. There is no gluten in the any of the pills, shakes, or the skin patch. The shake mix is advertised as gluten-free right out of the gate. The Le-vel Thrive system is a whole package. It is for all different types of people. It's much much more than the latest diet fad. It infact is not a diet at all. Although it does contain weight management properties. It also has joint support, pain management, digestive and immune support...

I am 47 years old. I feel and walk like I am 77 years old though! It's time for a change. I believe that change is going to start with Le-vel Thrive!
I've really been enjoying reading and watching all the testimonials too. People freeing themselves of major knee pain, back pain, multiple body aches and pains, migraines. People young and older increasing their energy. Even young people are so tired and wore out these days. All of our lives have become so overwhelming and demanding.

I have been feeling like there just has to be more to life than what I have at this time. This can not be all!  I can't wait to get started experiencing Le-Vel Thrive for myself. Unfortunately I am broke though. So to get started on the road to a healthy life I am looking for 2 people to share this gift with.

Signing up with me is free. (I signed as a promoter not a customer) Free website and videos to spread the word about Le-Vel Thrive.
All I need is 2 promoters and 2 customers on auto-ship. That's it  =)

Did you know that Le-Vel Thrive is skyrocketing in business? 6,000 new customers in just the last 3 days!!
I'm excited to have gotten in on the ground level of this exciting company, based on natural wellness!


#levelthrive #thrivetobealive #vibrantenergy

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Daughter of A Jedi: Summer Swt (Lilac Flower Glasses & Swimsladyofavalon77 on July 27th, 2014 01:16 am (UTC)
What a wonderful find :) thanks for sharing :)
faerycharmjuliefaerycharmjulie on July 28th, 2014 03:40 pm (UTC)
Hi Jessica! I've been watching all kinds of Le-Vel Thrive videos today o my day off. My and my husbands Thrive 8 week supply is on its way! My sponsor was even cool enough to send us her $150.00 commission if I put in my order yesterday. Which of course I did :D
Have a great day! - Julie