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Kind of a lot has been going on! *lol* I got in the mood to color some tubes and have been having a very relaxing time doing that this past week. I've added them to my members area http://faerycharm.com  It's been a really stressful time at home and at work. Working with graphics, creating in any form always helps with that.

dezziMDprv A lot of stress at home and work. So many thoughts... So many questions... Fears, doubts, but then a couple hours later my mood can be the exact opposite. So positive, uplifting and making plans for the future. Talk about confused and crazy!!
I'm so tired, exhausted and irritated from work. I have not even been getting much house work accomplished on my days off. Nursing homes are a 24 hour facility. Now I ask you, why do the management feel compelled to tell the staff that; when it is beyond obvious it is a 24 hour facility. DUH! People live there!! The part that management does not get is that we - the staff do NOT live there and we are not on call. Constantly needing us to work on our days off is no longer acceptable.

So much stress right now has my neuralgia acting up big time & feeling wore out...


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