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What a difference a day makes...

Quite an amazing chain of events the last two days!

I had spent most of yesterday getting a package ready to send off. I sold one of my candles on Etsy. And was creating a little something extra to include. Then my husband came home from work and was checking online and asked why do I only have $500.00 in my checking account. Then noticed it was a minus! I told him that I should only have about 80.00 in there because I already transfered the bill money the night before. Well good thing I actually did something right away for once! Someone hacked my paypal account. So the money from that candle sale was gone. Plus they put my checking account $500.00 in the red!

A little irritating my husband starts asking me right away what did I buy. I didn't buy anything! And certainly not for $600.00!!

I've been in tears ever since yesterday afternoon.

That money being taken meant I couldn't refill my monthly medications, no money to eat or drink on. (I work an hour away from home so I usually grab a snack and drink away from home). Plus I am a Passion Parties Consultant and was planning to put in a small order to keep myself afloat. So having all my money taken, I really really felt defeated and hopeless. It felt like the one dream that I had was totally ruined. I also no longer had money to send off the candle order & had to contact the customer & explain my situation.

But then the sun came up today and the day was totally different.
I looked on my Seasons In Avalon witches calendar & it says the power casts for today are 'Financial Gain' and the lesser power cast is 'good luck'.
So I went about my day, cleaning, getting some passion parties prizes ready for parties.

All of a sudden I got a notice of a $10.00 payment from a wonderful person from my pixel website!

I found over a dollar in change cleaning house today that I get to put into my prosperity jar!

My mustang is finished and back from the body shop from hitting a deer a few weeks ago. The license is due. But my husband just went to pay it for me =)
AND --- wait for it... wait for it...

My money is back in my checking account! wooohoo!!!!

On a darker side I can't help but think -- if I were a person to kill myself out of being so upset. Just look at all the wonderful things I would have missed out on today!

What a difference a day makes :)
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