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Been M.I.A.

Sorry I've been M.I.A. lately. Too much negativity going on with me lately. I had fallen in some water at work on Saturday May 3rd. Which hurt my back and shoulder really badly. I've been battling with that... They the hospital and clinic have been bugging me for my workers comp claim number. Which I have not received any mail or anything about my fall. I had made double sure I was filling out all the right paper work, asked the DON (director of nursing) if there was anything else other than the incident report. Anything for outside of the facility. Because I had a really really odd feeling that all I was suppose to fill out is just an incident report. That didn't seem right to me.

I was told yes, thats all. hmmm Well I went to our office lady yesterday to make sure she filed the paper work. Well guess what. NO paperwork has been filed. Well, it was filed in a cabinet is all. No workers comp paper work, the injury was no reported to anyone outside of the facility!

SO fuming ticked off. I can not stand how nursing is anymore. I break my back doing a hard job and this is the thanks I get...
I got into an argument with the office lady. She said I told her that I did not go to the hospital. OMG I'm so sure. I most certainly did not say that! I went to ER after work, and to the clinic on the following Monday!

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