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Fun Fun Fun

I have been having so much fun lately with pixels! Finding new sites, groups, & activities to join. I have just recently joined Little Honey Moon & Pocket Full of Pixels. LHM is how I ended up here at LJ. I do not have much experience at all w/ using LJ. I hope to have lots of fun learning new things here within the pixel community of Live Journal. There is an informative no-no list of what graphic artist allow their work to be used at LJ. Alexandra has been kind enough to provide us with this helpful info. She has put a lot of hard work into this huge list of artists that do and do not allow us to use their graphics here at LJ / social sites.

I've been doing a lot of updating on my own website ~ Faery Charm ~
I'm adding in free incredimail letters. I have a few free tubes and things I've been adding
to my main area. I'm always adding new tubes to the members area as well. I've been updating/revising my wordpress
templates, themes. And I have decided to finally go back to doing signature tags as well. I've begun creating that area last night.

A lil preview of my theme for Cute n' Charming Signature Tags

Tags: pixels

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