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Is there anyone who has a current version of amember successfully installed? I just purchased version 4. I can't even get through the darn installation process. I've never had this much trouble with amember before!!

This is the error I get

  • MySQL Error: SQLSTATE[42000] [1044] Access denied for user 'dragonflydust'@'%' to database 'members' at /home/content/15/10924415/html/amember/library/Am/Setup.php line 110(1044) in query: new PDO

When I look at line 110 of Setup.php it has this:

  $this->db = new DbSimple_Mypdo($config);

I have no idea if anything is wrong with this line. I do know that I do not have a file called Mypdo in the DbSimple directory though...

T.I.A. for any help you can give me ;) - Julie
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