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Nearly 2 days of headaches gone with 5 sips of sunkist orange pop *lol* Ok, so I was apparently having a caffine withdrawls headache? So weird... Wish I'd thought of that last night! I had to take 2 benadryl, when I went to bed last night. Plus waking up during the night & in the morning w/ a bad headache I also had to take quite a bit of imitrex too in the past 2 days. Now I feel totally fine...

I've been doing a lot on the computer on my 2 days off too. Found codes for my profile! Who freaking knew this shit! OMG!! So, NOW I'm trying to find a gothic styled one. Guess I could find one I like and that the creator lets ya change the graphics and do one myself... ? I don't know. Not sure... With all of this coding fun, how did I not catch on to LiveJournal before now! That's just crazy...

I'm meeting great pixel people. Awesome coding places. Which I've been pretty bored lately with creating. So I really really needed this change big time. I don't hardly have to code anything anymore with wordpress. I actually like scripts and coding better than I like widgets. So its no wonder I'm falling in love with LJ so much. Just wish I could get to the base code more though. So I can get to the header, xhtml files..

And I have such a wonderful fabulicious sis!! I am feeling so blessed  &  loved. adorablexi offered to promote my community - Faery Hill. I just want to thank my pixel sister adorablexi & swtspice so so much for being a help to me here at LJ. And thank you very very much littlehoneymoon!! If it were not for LHM I would not have ever even thought to come over here. I almost did not come over, because there has been such a negative sigma among the pixel graphics community about LJ. They didn't want their graphics used over here... I don't really know what it was all about. But I was always seeing all these no-no lists reguarding LiveJournal... I was actually really surprised when I started reading LHM's yes-yes no-no LJ list. I'm shocked that some of the graphics I create with most are ok with using their graphics on LJ! How kewl is that!!

I also rediscovered CandyBar Dolls today!! I freaking loved those dolls! But when I 1st came into the graphics community and started creating signature tags 11 or 12 years ago. Those were off limits. Something about copyrights... Hope they are ok to use now. I have seen a lot of them here at LJ...

I still have so so much to learn here at LJ. But with time I will get it. I hope the ladies that are the veterans over here like my creativity and style. As I've posted earlier, I also now have a re-newed love for blinkies & want to learn how to create the prettier more advanced ones. I ran across an old tutorial HERE that I want to take a bash at. And Lorelei also wrote a tutorial I want to try. I fell in luv w/ her little goth doll is why I went looking on the candy bar doll makers. I didn't end up making one as much as I like her doll. But it was sure fun! lmao

oh yes - and my community Faery Hill is now open for new members. I have started a loved list also. My loved list will be for a limited amount of ladies since I do work full time outside the home (I'm a C.N.A. in a nursing home). My job is about an hour away from my home. I am also an Independent Passion Parties Consultant.


siggie by B & B
I luv this artists style!! If anyone knows if
she has another site opened up. PLEASE contact me )0(

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