faerycharmjulie (faerycharmjulie) wrote,

What do you think?

I've been giving opening a community a little bit of thought. Trying to gain some experience & understanding of how everything words and what all the new terms are. Like loved lists. *giggles* Thats something new to me. And the proper way to request and join...

But, I was thinking that I would like my community to offer something a lil different to my members. For instance like layouts. I have wordpress themes that I've created with my own templates as well as others templates. Some of the terms state that I must not give away themes made from their templates. So, either I won't offer those here or I will offer them to the public for a small price. I also love creating incredimail letters.... signature tags... and through my talented sweet pixel sister Shay, I have found a new love for blinkies. Hers are SO beautiful!!! I used to make the old style of blinkies years & years ago. They were just rectangles with a phrase on them w/ the blinking lights going around... I have a ton of those on disc someplace... *lol* I'd like to learn to make prettier ones though. But I don't want them to look like Shays. Thats her domain. So I'm experimenting trying to find tutorials on my own, and dreaming up styles of my own to try out...

Tried to do 2 of them last night. I see where I went all wrong with one of them though. *lol*

this one is fine. Teddy Bear by RPP    ||   jewelie-rppteddyblinkie This one I don't care for though. I should of had the letters all on there to begin with. *lol*!!

Tags: ideas

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