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Have you heard of Hygge?

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Pronounced Hoo-Guh

Danish/Scandinavian Lifestyle

For several years I have felt the pull to minimize the things in my home.

I want empty spaces. I was most content when I actually had less belongings.
I don't want tons of stuff sitting around. And since moving out on my own now and being divorced,
I see all these things sitting around that I've had for many years. They all hold reminders, of different
times in my life. Not neccessarily times that I want to be reminded of constantly.

I had started to learn about Hygge lifestyle before we split up.
But then everything good that I was doing, just went out the door and I felt lost, didn't know
who I was anymore if I wasn't Mrs.

Finding my way back to learning about Hygge now. And implementing that into my life.
Do you know that in Coppenhagen Denmark they have laundromats that serve coffee
and are warm relaxing inviting spaces. Sit and read with a cup of warm coffee... YES! I'll take that.

Hygge living minimal. Getting joy out of life. Instead of stress and anxiety.

Warm drinks, warm home made foods like soups and stews.

Warm lighting such as candles, fairy lights, cozy blankets.

47 Days Till Christmas 🎄 | Winter light, I love winter, Winter wonder


Tags: comfort, cozy, hygge, minimalism living, self-love

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