faerycharmjulie (faerycharmjulie) wrote,

I feel so alone when...

I stay away from facebook for weeks upon weeks and weeks. Then I go on there and see all this stupidity!


I do not understand how people think the corona virus is fake, is a way of the CDC or the govt trying to control us. Seriously?

I see things local people that I actually know, posting all these things. And other people I know agreeing with them.

I seriously need to move from here. In situations like this I just feel all alone anyway...

I wear a mask. I wear a mask to protect YOU incase I'm sick and don't know it!
I wear a mask to the store, to the bank, to walmart, to the dollar store, to the post office.
My office door has to be locked because there are so many thoughtless, uneducated people in
my town. I answer the door in my mask and am asked why am I wearing a mask and laughed at.

Guess it will take some of these people getting sick or loosing loved ones.

Oh yeah, the just say the doctors and lying and faking numbers anyway. So, they probably still will not believe...

I see they are watching FOX. So no wonder...

And then these bizarre comments...


Tags: !covid-19, corona virus, sad times

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