faerycharmjulie (faerycharmjulie) wrote,

Entitlement Is Amazing

Self entitlement really cracks me up. I swear...

I could choose to say that a lot of things are going wrong. But maybe its the opposite. Maybe a lot of things are going
just as they are supposed to; because I know my job duties a LOT better than when I started a year and a half ago.
Tenants are gossiping about me spreading rumors that another tenant beat the crap out of me. *excuse me, I'll be over here in the corner laughing my ass off*
Also, more gossip is that I am very unprofessional, I call female tenants 'biotch', I don't know what I'm doing, I'm being replaced. *more laughter*

I also got screamed and ranted to over the phone, called a stupid F'ing biotch. Told I am a government employee. No actually I am not. Well, you work for Section 8. -- NOPE. No I do not. You ARE employed by the government. No actually I am not.
In reality, I am not even employed by the management company that runs the government low income housing complexes. I work for the apartment complexes themselves. They are owned by the government, but I am not! *lol*

And this is where the self entitlement comes in to play. This guy as he is screaming at me, tells me he thinks I'm jerking him around. I have not made him a #1 priority. *lol* Well, if your not getting me the documents I am required to have. There is nothing I can do. Thats on you. I'm certainly not going to get into trouble with the various government agencies that look through my files; because someone feels they are entitled to be first and foremost above all other applicants.

Applications are processed in the other they are received. Yes, I want to do all I can to help people. But if your not going to take any responsibility to do things properly and think I'm going to just hand you an apartment your sadly mistaken. I have rules, guidelines to follow. Ya know, like everyone does in every day life...
I love helping others. I am above no one. Personal feelings are not entered into the application process at all. I believe 100 percert in second chances. But you can't just say your homeless. Come back in and say you have a job now. Which is great. But then take weeks and weeks to get me a simple document that is required before move in and then blame me and say your ABOUT to be homeless.

I must be doing something right if people that are not following rules are getting mad at me, blaming me for their lack of responsibility.
I was a wonderful person when I first started. Sure! I didn't know who all was crossing the line. *lol* I'm not a manager to people please. I'm not doing my job and have many people to answer to if I'm not following the rules and doing my job...

ok, rant over *lol*

It just really cracks me up anymore how so many people think they are automaticly entitled to something, that they are not.


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