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What Is Wrong...

My gosh, what on earth is wrong with people these days! Why can't men just have a nice normal relationship. Instead of all the secrets, double lives, lies, pretending, drama drama drama.

My daughter was in town today and I had a really nice family lunch with my family. My daughter, me, my son and ex-husband. We had a lot of laughs and it was a lot of fun.

Then she and I go back to my apartment. And she starts telling me all these BIZARRE things about her boyfriend. A boyfriend of TWO YEARS!
Oh. He's just married. Thats all. Guess thats not a big deal to some people. But in my family it is. We respect marriage!

She starts telling me about all this information she has tracked down on him. And how they never go out to eat or anything. Or do anything at all in public. He comes and stays the night often. He goes camping with her sometimes. But she has never ever been to his home. Whaaaat? Umm how is that possible.
Now mind you, I watch a lot of crime stories, family murder, Ted Bundy, OJ Simpson shenanigans. So, I'm thinking don't push this issue too hard. Who knows WHAT he is capable of.

Oh yeah. And turns out the name she knows him by, well that is not his name at all. He's not even using his middle name. It totoally is not his name! And she even bought him a christmas gift engraved with his last name on it. What on earth did he tell his wife about that? And how can he just go without being home all weekend?? Is this some crafty lies? Is his wife sick and she is away or not aware??

And whenever she confronts him about anything, total psychopath - just walks away. Says he doesn't need to deal with this kind of stuff.

hmmm... maybe thats why you lead a double life; with who knows how many other women!

AND he had the nerve to search up my daughter on Google checking out her past, and seeing what all information he could discover on her. Ummm dude! You need to find out what your story is before you go trying to pick apart someone elses! And theres this little thing called - talking. Getting to know someone. Communication! wow...

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