faerycharmjulie (faerycharmjulie) wrote,

SO Flipping Excited Over Here!!

yasss!!! right here!!! This gal is sooo excited!!!

So, with so many pixel sites being gone and people having moved on to other things.
I took a shot and emailed Jen at RPP. Oh my gosh, she is still as sweet as ever. I had
purchased almost every single one of her tube sets when I was active with my pixeling, sigtag making...
But ya know how things happen. And yes, I had a computer crash and had gotten way lazy
about saving everything to C.D.s...

Her tube sets are some of my very favorite graphics. And I asked if I could by any chance purchase a bunch of them.

I wasn't convinced that those old emails of hers would even still be a valid email she was using anymore...

OMG! Was I shocked to hear from her. *big giggles*
I'm so excited that I will be getting her Portrait tubes again. I absolutely loved that set!

Sheesh, I'm back into pixels less than a month and so many good things happening already LOL!

                    K4U Graphics

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