faerycharmjulie (faerycharmjulie) wrote,

Tickled Pixels

I am having so much fun! I have been invited to a wonderful pixel forum.

I sincerely can not say enough good things about this wonderful place.
heyurs was completely right when she told me its fun, its safe, no drama.
And I'm seeing so many of those old familiar pixel faces that make me feel so much joy.

I have felt so lost the last year and a half since moving out on my own and being divorced.
I go to work, I go home, and I cry. Who am I if I'm not the wife? The wife I've been for
33 years. Thats what I was supposed to do. Thats who I was supposed to be. Raise kids,
buy a house, buy a stove, buy a refrigerator, progress through life and go up the ladder to
a better job, better opportunities... Buy a dream car that I never ever thought I'd have, buy a dishwasher,
buy smokers and BBQs, have a garden, a water hose to use whenever I want. All my own things.

But, all that is just money right. Not actual happiness.
So, now I have to find my happiness...

I'm really happy to be back pixeling and creating and being around other creative hearts.

My Signature Graphics purchased
by me at RPP

Tags: !thepixelpalace, finding me, happy

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