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Difficult Day...


Today was very rough at work today. I ended up calling 9 - 1 - 1 . I have just had enough of this tenant thinking she can lie, and just do whatever she pleases.

There are rules and guidelines to follow in low income housing! It's not a druggie flop house! Anyway --- So, I was just relaxing,  looking around over at Graffiti Graphics.

I just can't tell you how nice it is to come back to LJ and find the same wonderful places are here to get help with codes and graphics. Over at Graffiti Graphics, so much talent and good images to use over there for our profiles, and icons, etc... Cute stuff, awesome fan stuff! I luvvvv my series and movies!

I see banners and icons over there from Outlander, Vikings, Carnival Row. I tell you! I am SO ready for Carnival Row to come back. Well, ok. I'm totally over ready for all of my shows to come back. Some we won't even get to see this year. *cries - no American Horror Story for me this fall*

Who is waiting for the new Vikings series that is coming to Netflix in the fall of 2021 by Ryan Murphy! YAS QUEEN!! I can't stand the wait *giggles*
Picks up after the original Vikings show that was on the History channel - 100 years later.

Thanks for reading my ramblings *lol* I'm so glad to be back here at LJ peacing my life together ;)

Have a spectacular evening :D

Signature by me
Graphics purchased at: Melys Arts

Tags: !deardiary, rambling, work

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