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Advent Siggies!

I've been getting some really pretty winter signatures over at JB Pixel Graphics!! OMG They are Soooo Pretty!!!! Using Tea's Hope Chest graphics. Remember those pretty pretty graphics? OMG I was so innnnn love with those!!!! They reminded me of old time paper dolls! SO pretty!!! I'll show you some of my pretties, then you go grab some too!

Aren't these so pretty!!! Other graphics were used as well.
Let me know if you have the low down on more Advent sites. I stumbled across this one by accident *giggles*

I hope your all warm and filled with love and kindness! I'm actually getting excited about my natural
wrapping paper look this year. A wonderful idea I got from Jacquelyn that I feel great about!!!
Taking brown recycled paper and decorating it with lace, jute, etc... instead of buying that expensive
wrapping paper that is just wasted. This way I feel like I'm not just contributing to killing off our trees for no reason. :)
And I get some craft supplies that can be used for other projects. And I am in love with the natural clean look and get to have
some pride and homespun love put back into the christmas spirit :D

Much love and kindness XO
Pixels Plus | K 4 U

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