faerycharmjulie (faerycharmjulie) wrote,

Back Pixeling

Back pixeling, and looking for a home. I just don't know... :'( Having a hard hard time finding a pixel home. No money for a domain, or webspace. I wanted to use my own wordpress themes, and have editing access. But where I bought a cheap domain name at is very limited on data backup. Limited to just 50 MB. Extremely hard to stay under that.

But if I come back to LJ, which I love it here. LUV my theme, luv the peeps here. Then I don't know where to store my zip files. And not sure how to do my purchaseware and stuff like that... *ugh*... :'(

I'm in a fix again. In the process of going through my things and selling things in Facebook Yardsale Groups and tossing out the junk. Didn't work out with the hubs. I'm done being hurt and crushed, not cared about, not loved, no affection. Total jekyll and hyde personality... And now I'm stuck without an income of my own. - Left my horrible CNA job to stay home and do full time Younique - my makeup business. Which had been a dream of mine for a long time. But takes time to build and when I constantly have him tearing me down. That is hard to do. And constantly interferring with me doing my work, my LIVES, etc... its been a hard 10 months.

A constant emotional roller coaster with a narcissist.

I'm not giving up on my makeup business. I continue on. I have since started doing personal development every single morning. This has only angered my hubs even more *lol* Ya know, because its not a good thing to be strong ;) LOL!

I am also looking for work and have come back to pixeling :D


Tags: life, pixels

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