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I luv it when I wake up with a clarity and realize how wrong I was. A situation that felt so awful, is actually the complete opposite!!

Now I realize how things really are.
I've been feeling like going back to work in nursing is an ending. An ending to all the hard work I've put into my beauty business the past couple of months that I've been home and working so hard every single day on my business. I don't want all that hard work
and progress just going down the drain.

When I work full time outside the home, I don't work my business the way I have wanted to. In the past I have let stress get to me.

But today I woke up at 3:00 in the morning to my husband being a jerk and cussing at something that I had done. I put the entire crock pot in the frig last night so I could hold on to the handles that are on it. Because its so heavy when its full. It's so hard for me to lift the inner pot out. I would probably drop it. If he wants it put away so perfectly, perhaps he should have done it himself. But then again he does that all the time. Acts like I'm lazy when I can't do something. After all he's 6ft tall and I'm 5'2. So theres a bit of a difference in our body size. And my back and shoulders are shot from 11 years of nursing and 11 years of housekeeping.

Thats okay, after I went back to sleep. I woke up feeling great and with
a clarity. This is not an ending! This is a beginning. This is an ending to feeling imprisoned! This is freedom girl!! Hellooo!!! *giggles*

I get a sign on bonus at my new job that he doesn't know about. Plus  for every extra shift I take I get time
and a half plus $75.00 for that day. They are 12 hour shifts. Yes I'll get worn out. But I'm in much better health now than I wasa
couple of months ago. I have much more fruit intake. I make a fruit smoothie every day. I've started eating kale. I've added chai seeds, Spirulina capsules, and a natural anti-depressant/joint therapy - SAM-e, along with Thyroid medication and 2 other Rx medications to help with migraines. I feel pretty great as long as I keep my diet clean. Ummm yeah. Lets say that one again. As long as I keep my diet clean! *lol*

So, not an ending... A new chapter.

I get to move out quicker woohoo!! And be done with this abusive insanity! I deserve more. I deserve better. Everyone does!

By Euri @ Beyond Eternal

Tags: clarity, moving forward, new job

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