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I have been so busy lately. But on the other hand, not nearly busy enough *giggles*

I have been working on tubes. And I've also strayed back over to a forum I was a big part of yearssss ago. Delphi Forums. I'll leave a link to my forum there later on. My forum theme had a little css whoopsie today *lol* I've been making signature tags, and just kicking back looking through old old discs, looking back at my old work. Which can be so funny!
Heres some of what I've come up with lately...

this is an old sigtag that I updated with a new font.

I colored an outline of my own, that I'd never done anything with.
(the little sugar jar with the heart) and I recolored the mug with better colors.

I have had a lot of fun the past couple of weeks running across old tubes, plugins,... I got my PSP plugins working again with the help of a gal over at Delphi. She gave me some .DLL files I was in need of!


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