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Last night I had a dream so awesome I can still remember it. So vivid. So full of color. But wait. Why do people say that we do not dream in color?? I remember these colors!! I probably had this dream because we've been talking about it so much at work.

It was about the pink moon last night. That I walked out the front door of a house. It was my house, but I'm not familiar with this house for real. And there it was peeking from between the clouds so pretty and it had a pink tinge to it. And there were beautiful mystical symbols on it. And then I saw a man in the park across the street projecting images onto the moon. It was soooo coooollll!!!! It was so breathtaking that I just laid down on the concrete porch and gazed at the beautiful pink moon and the imagery.

I read yesterday in an article about the full pink moon. The first full moon of April is named the Pink Moon because of pink wild flowers that bloom in April. But the moon itself does not take on a pink hue. But it does seem like the moon stays full for longer amount of time this month. A friend was telling me that on the 10th it was 100% full, then on the 11th it was something like 98.9 and the 12th just slightly less than that. Doesn't the full moon usually wane faster than that?? I'm not sure. But so so many things and people are out of wack and off balance because we are also experiencing Mercury Retrograde at the same time as a full moon. Talk about craziness, anxiety, communication problems, attitudes, mind games, digital devices and internet services not functioning properly... Eeeeiiiii!!!!

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