faerycharmjulie (faerycharmjulie) wrote,

I hate drama!

I am the kind of person that does NOT thrive on drama, negativity... I am an Empath. Which means I pick up very very easily on the way that others are feeling, and I feel it myself as if it were my very own feelings & situation. So for that reason & the fact that I break out in shingles from stress easily I try to not be in negative stressful drama queen situations!

Plus, really?!! It's just so annoying when I can tell that people are trying to get sympathy, draw attention to themselves etc...

So its awful when I have to work with someone all day long that just goes on and on and on and to every single person in the nursing home she sees about her drama at home w/ her boyfriend... *ugh* SO exhausting! Drains all my energy & gives me a headache. Going to have to start wearing my crystals again to help protect me perhaps.

Well... at least I'm home now & I can pixel, chat create & learn! wooohoo!!!
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Tags: no drama

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