November 27th, 2020

Me in rona 2020 times...

Day After Thanksgiving

yay! Happy Day After Thanksgiving!!

Hope everyone enjoyed all their food! Did ya all eat too much. We usually do don't we. *giggles*
I watched one of my fave movies, 4 times! *lol* It was on over and over and over on Lifetime. The Holiday. Luvvvv that movie!! Had a really great get-together with my kids, grandkids, nephews, sister and brother in law and my parents on Zoom. That really is one of the good things to come from 2020!

We had never thought to use it before the pandemic. I don't know how long zoom has been around. But I'm glad to use the free version.

Now today, its back to Outlander and being covered up on the couch. I've been sneezing ever since I woke up. And a bit of a headache. *ugh* I swear... I slacked off on my kale this past week. *shame shame*

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