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Off to Dreamland...

It has been an amazing 2 days off from work. Pixeling, customizing, designing, learning new things, I'm having a lot of fun here at LJ learning and customizing!
But I owe I owe so its off to sleep I go. I've stayed up waaaay to late for having to get up at 3:30 a.m. for a 12 hour shift! I will be soooo flipping exhausted tomorrow when I get home. How crazy am I! *giggles*

It's been so much fun learning new things, hooking up with old friends in the pixel community though.
Won't be home til 7:00 tomorrow night. *ugh* So I don't know that I will really even get on the computer again until maybe Sunday. I work an hour shift on Sunday. So that should be a little better.

NIghty NIghts my pixelitas ;)


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