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FaerieHill Progress

I'm feeling so thrilled and happy with how Faerie Hill is coming along this weekend. I've had a lot of fun this weekend adding tube sets for my friends to have fun with. Found a new friend too!! How cool is that. Looks like heyurs and I have loads in common too. Especially our love for the same graphic artists! #JasminBecketSmith #MykaJelina

I go back to work tomorrow at the nursing home. Looking forward to seeing the residents that make me giggle and some of my friends at work.
I bought from two different graphic artists today. I'm so excited to craft up some new stuff!! Myka Jelina tubes are for personal use and making gifts. But I got some cool sets from Sicara at Northern Lightz!! Woohoo!!! I'm still waiting formy MJ license to arrive so I can start creating with the tubes I bought today! Woohoo!! 5 new sets. It's been ages since I've bought any Myka Jelina!

It's so nice to be getting healthier finally too. I've had a nasty respitory shinanigangs over two weeks now! It's nice to be getting some energy back.

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