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Think about that for a moment. Where were you in your life a year ago? Who were you with? What were you like? What battles and demons were you fighting against?

Now, what battles and demons have you slayed? What fears have you faced? Believe me there are plenty more to overcome. But really - what a difference a year makes!

Last year at this time my husband and I split up. I moved out. And I moved to another town almost 50 miles away. I was in a different nursing job. I was miserable in that job too. I had not sponsored anyone in my Younique business. So much has changed!!

I just signed my first #YouniquePresenter yesterday!! I am so excited about that!! I am at a different nursing home, making more money, happier... Hubs and I are together. We go out together. We talk. #LifeIsGood

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