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Things are going well for me.  3 months into living on my own now. I recently got my nails done. Which was a goal of mine. I had been wanting them done for months...

I'm branching out a bit out of comfort zone. I even made my very first #periscope video. *lol* If you have Periscope. Look me up. - Julie S Jenks (with the spaces and caps)

I am happy :) I am working more hours since I am only 6 blocks from work now, instead of an hour.  I like my cute little house. I enjoy keeping it clean and pretty. I went on a geocache by myself last week. The first one I've ever done completely on my own. You can check out my geocaching profile by searching for wyomingjewels at www.geocaching.com I have a gallery of my finds. :)

Tags: geocaching, happy

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