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Today I picked up my divorce packet. SHEESH! Whole lotta papers going on there!
Had a little trouble finding something to eat at home tonight. Of course since it's Friday night, Joe wasn't even there when I got home. He didn't care about me before. Why would he now. *lol* Awesome! I get to watch what I want to on t.v.
And what kind of a person only buys for themselves and doesn't even care about his wife. Yeah. That does still hurt a lot. But oh well. I'll get over it someday... I'm gaining a lot more than I'm loosing. I just keep telling myself that. It's true. Someday, this will all be just a distance memory...

I called my mom today. To let my parents know whats going on. And they are going to help me. As far as I can tell so far, the part I'll have trouble with is the 2 utility companies that require a $200.00 deposit each... I believe I have everything else under control.
I just can't help but keep wondering where his head is. How can he with a clear conscience just buy food for himself? I don't get it. He hasn't bought anything that we could both eat. Like stuff to make tacos. He has been eating out, and buying himself canned chili, other canned foods like Chef boyardee... No potatoes. No eggs. Nothing normal. Certainly nothing for me. OH yeah! There was those 2 bags of Popcorn Indiana Kettle Corn that I love. Yes, he did bring me those. How thoughtful. Almost like a slap in the face though. Gets himself food. Brings me some popcorn. Wow. How thoughtful is that. Who needs to be treated like this. Not me!

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