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I think. *lol* Kinda worries me a little that i have to fill out an online application.  I went and looked at the house that I want to rent. I like it. The basement is way cool! *lol* I luv basements. I'm originally from the mid-west. And I just love big big basements. Anyway, yesterday on my lunch break I went and paid $200.00 down towards the rent. I'll pay the remaining $350.00 when I get paid on the 25th. Or somewhere near there since thats xmas day. *lol*

I worked a 12 hour shift yesterday with a migraine all day long. I get home exhausted and so ready to just go to bed. I don't sit down on the couch for 5 minutes and my husband Joe asks me if I'm going to pay bills in 2 weeks. I tell him no. How can I pay the bills here and get a place to live. So he says well then I'm shutting everything off. I'll take you off of the car insurance tomorrow. I just say ok. Because I already knew he would do this. It's not any grand surprise to me. Then, after a few minutes tells me (as if I'm a child and cant function on my own.) So, I'd suggest you go tomorrow and get insurance. And also you know your responsible for your car payement don't you. Noooo! Really!? wow... So, I tell him well yeah. How could I not know that! And asked where the paper work is to pay the payments. Over there in the basket. He says. wow. Thank you for all your help. Afterall, this is a situation that you created. But I understand how you'd be angry at me, for your own actions... whatever!

Says that he can have my cell phone taken off, switched so thatst take the payment for my phone is taken out of my bank account... I guess that would be alright. Sounds easy. Other than the fact that I have to close out all my bank accounts and open new ones... Wait for new cards... No wonder people stay married, and just do whatever they want and live seperate lives. But stay married and miserable half the time. In a way, its almost easier than all the ugly tough stuff you have to do. I'll get through it though. I'll be healthier for it, in the end. My nerve pain will probably improve. I'll loose weight. i won't be stress and emotional snacking. I'll be sociable.

I hope i'm able to find all of my things. i was looking for a hand gun this morning I had bought several years back. $300.00 Browning. i thought it was in the bottom drawer of the gun cabinet. Not there... I'll need the extension cords i use. Really wanted to make sure I had that gun though. I could sell that if I need to.
Good thing I just bought myself a new blanket and pillow last month. *lol*

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