faerycharmjulie (faerycharmjulie) wrote,

Dawn of a new day...

Don't you just love all the promise and optimism a new day brings us!

Things were so bleak and heart breaking for me at the beginning of the week. Here I am about to start a new week. And everything is just completely different. But in a good way. I'm still getting a divorce. But I've taken steps to change my life. To carve a happier, healthier life for myself. Yes, I'll be living on my own for the first time in nearly 30 years. But I'm going to be someone happier, healthier, and stronger. I wonder what the years ahead will be like. How will I change? How will I be different? It's going to be an exciting and uplifting journey for sure.

Yesterday I called about the house I'm interested in renting. I was nervous to call the realtor on a Saturday. But, it was totally just eating at me. What if, by my sitting here being scared and doing nothing it gets rented to someone else? That house is perfect for me. It just went on the market only a couple days before all this divorce fiasco happened in my life. That house is meant for me. It's cute and cozy. It's just blocks away from my job. Which means I won't be driving an hour back and forth to work. No driving on the snowy, frozen, icy, foggy, highway in the winter just to go to work. No more missed days from the weather. Which is a stresser, because we are only allowed 8 call ins per year before getting fired. So thats always weighing on my mind. And we don't just get those 8 days back at the beginning of the new year. It's a 'rolling year' which means you earn the day back ONE YEAR from that call in day!!

So, the realtor was a very very nice man to talk with. Very laid back and friendly. I asked if there is a deposit and if I would be allowed to make payments. He said that he's been burned in the past. And I told him a brief reason of why I'm looking for a place to live. I told him I am getting a divorce and I am looking for a permanent home. That I work in that town and have been employeed at the nursing home there for almost 3 years now. He was happy to hear that I have no pets *giggles* And I can see the house on Monday. I could see it sooner if I wanted to drive over. But I just don't see any reason to use up a quarter tank of gas just to look, when I could look on Monday after work...

I'm hoping that they (the realtor and owners) will allow me to put a couple hundred down towards the rent. The rent is $550.00 and my car payment had to be made. So, I have $300.00 or so left. I'll need around $100.00 of that for gas to go back and forth to work the next couple weeks. I have no idea what it will cost to get things hooked up. So many things to open up in my own name. I don't yet know what I'll be able to have and what I won't. Cell phone? Internet?  Dish t.v.? Dish is kinda spendy. Maybe just cable. Is there even cable still available? lol!! How did I become that woman that has no idea about the bills. Because she lets her husband handle everything...

So, I go back to work tomorrow morning. It's been an interesting vacation *lol*
I might ask for some 12 hour shifts to help out my financial situation. And yay! What a great husband to do this at christmas time! wow...


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