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Have you heard of Younique and that cray-cray 3D Fiber Mascara! I LOVE IT!! I tried 3D fiber mascara for the first time this past September. I had never heard of fiber lashes mascara. I had never heard anything about 3D mascara or what it was all about. I've always loved mascara. But had given up on make up that does not deliver on what it claims. THEN, I decided to give this fiber mascara a go. It took me a little bit to even understand what it was, before I ordered it though. So I can totally understand anyone's confusion on what it is exactly. The name to me sounded like it was false eye lashes. Which I have no interest in what-so-ever.

But I took a leap of faith and tried it. OMG! Totally fell in love with it immediately!!! HUGE incentive that it is natural and gluten free. That was a huge seller for me. The fibers are 100% all natural green tea fibers. I fell in love with all of my Younique make up and skin care products from the very 1st second they touched my skin.

#lashlolita www.lashlolita.com
I became a Presenter (also known as a consultant) a month later. It was only $99.00 for me to join. So, really a very low start up cost. That really fit right into my budget. And its so easy to do the online parties for my hostesses. It's so simple, its just plum crazy! *giggles*

Connect with me on my Facebook Profile, Business Page,  or set up your party via my website Lash Lolita

Blessings & have a fabulash day!

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