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Hard Day

What a hard day at work. My back is in sooooo much pain. I cry. I cry again.... *ugh*!! SO embarrassing!! It is so incredibly difficult to work in so much pain. When I'm bending, lifting, turning other human beings, pushing, pulling. You wouldn't guess how terrificly heavy someone's legs are when they do not move around on their own any more! It feels like no one understands. I am an empath. So, its really hard for me to comprehend how people cannot sympathize and understand how much pain another person is in. I know they can not feel my pain. I know they are not in the business of caring for other staff. We are there for the residents. But sheesh!

At least I got my doctor called today and got onto a pain reliever. I didn't want to. But the pain is just too out of control. I can't even function in my own life anymore. The pain is in my lower back and radiates to my entire hip, my whole right leg and foot. We are on our feet all day long. On the go. We have put our foot down and refuse to go without our 30 minute lunch break. That is the only time we get to sit down and have any kind of rest on our bodies! We are 'suppose' to have 2 - 15 minute breaks (on the clock) and clock out for 1 - 30 minute lunch break.

But it is non-stop on the go. From 6:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. in the afternoon (if we work only an 8 hour shift). It's just ridiculous!! Dressing and cleaning and changing/toileting residents. Serving breakfast, feeding... Go toilet and lay them all down, make beds, pass ice to all of the residents (cups of ice water on their bed side tables)... By then its 10:00 in the morning and we need to start taking our lunch breaks, to be back in time to turn around and get everyone up, toileting, lunch.... then do it one more time all over again; to toilet and lay them back down.... *ugh*

My husband just does not understand how stressful and strenuous it is.

I need to have carpal tunnel surgery. I was talking to a couple of staff members today and my nurse was telling me I wouldn't be able to do any lifting for 4-6 weeks!!! Whaaat! I thought carpal tunnel surgery was a quick out patient deal! How on earth am I suppose to be able to take that much time off! *shakes head* It truly feels like 'when it rains, it pours'....

Thank you for listening/reading. When I feel all alone it helps to write it all out :)
Light & Love xo

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