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Walk at Home


Today I found a very cool link and information at a friend's journal.
By my surprise there are free parts to this exercise program. It's very easy, quick and do-able too!
Jacquelyn wrote about walking her blues away. Today I took 2 first steps towards restoring a happier healthier me.
• Began taking my Viibryd anti depressant again.
• Started exercising my stress away - instead of reaching for food to treat my stress :)

Walk at Home
I walked one mile today! woohoo!!!
There is this cute little ticker that you can keep track of how much your walking each day. There are
other tools available for free as well and some free videos to watch and move along to!


I totally had fun. I didn't think I'd make it through. woohoo!! I made it!
Thank you swtspice!! Your awesome!!
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