Me in rona 2020 times...

Site Updates...

So much going on... I've been doing tons of work on both of my websites. Stop by. Chat, games, activities, goodies. I have a free site — (Sunflowers and Shadows) and a membership site (Faery Charm).

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Me in rona 2020 times...

Have you heard of Hygge? Hygge Sign Hygge Wall Art Funny Definition Poster Hygge Decor  Hygge Print Hygge Poster Definition Printable Art Hygge Gift Funny Art Wood  Pallet Design Wall Art Sign Plaque with Frame wooden
Pronounced Hoo-Guh

Danish/Scandinavian Lifestyle

For several years I have felt the pull to minimize the things in my home.

I want empty spaces. I was most content when I actually had less belongings.
I don't want tons of stuff sitting around. And since moving out on my own now and being divorced,
I see all these things sitting around that I've had for many years. They all hold reminders, of different
times in my life. Not neccessarily times that I want to be reminded of constantly.

I had started to learn about Hygge lifestyle before we split up.
But then everything good that I was doing, just went out the door and I felt lost, didn't know
who I was anymore if I wasn't Mrs.

Finding my way back to learning about Hygge now. And implementing that into my life.
Do you know that in Coppenhagen Denmark they have laundromats that serve coffee
and are warm relaxing inviting spaces. Sit and read with a cup of warm coffee... YES! I'll take that.

Hygge living minimal. Getting joy out of life. Instead of stress and anxiety.

Warm drinks, warm home made foods like soups and stews.

Warm lighting such as candles, fairy lights, cozy blankets.

47 Days Till Christmas 🎄 | Winter light, I love winter, Winter wonder

Me in rona 2020 times...

Day After Thanksgiving

yay! Happy Day After Thanksgiving!!

Hope everyone enjoyed all their food! Did ya all eat too much. We usually do don't we. *giggles*
I watched one of my fave movies, 4 times! *lol* It was on over and over and over on Lifetime. The Holiday. Luvvvv that movie!! Had a really great get-together with my kids, grandkids, nephews, sister and brother in law and my parents on Zoom. That really is one of the good things to come from 2020!

We had never thought to use it before the pandemic. I don't know how long zoom has been around. But I'm glad to use the free version.

Now today, its back to Outlander and being covered up on the couch. I've been sneezing ever since I woke up. And a bit of a headache. *ugh* I swear... I slacked off on my kale this past week. *shame shame*

Sigtag by me

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Me in rona 2020 times...

I feel so alone when...

I stay away from facebook for weeks upon weeks and weeks. Then I go on there and see all this stupidity!


I do not understand how people think the corona virus is fake, is a way of the CDC or the govt trying to control us. Seriously?

I see things local people that I actually know, posting all these things. And other people I know agreeing with them.

I seriously need to move from here. In situations like this I just feel all alone anyway...

I wear a mask. I wear a mask to protect YOU incase I'm sick and don't know it!
I wear a mask to the store, to the bank, to walmart, to the dollar store, to the post office.
My office door has to be locked because there are so many thoughtless, uneducated people in
my town. I answer the door in my mask and am asked why am I wearing a mask and laughed at.

Guess it will take some of these people getting sick or loosing loved ones.

Oh yeah, the just say the doctors and lying and faking numbers anyway. So, they probably still will not believe...

I see they are watching FOX. So no wonder...

And then these bizarre comments...


Having So Much Fun!!

Just having so much fun over at TPP120x60.gif!!
There are new games up! heyurs does such a wonderful job keeping new fresh games up for everyone and keeping us aware of updates, and goings on...

I have so much fun with participating in the challenges too. They don't even take as long to create something as I thought it would. *giggles*

I'm so excited that I was invited to take over the theme design in upcoming months. THAT is what makes my heart and soul so so happy. I luv designing. I've even gotten a lot more done than I thought was possible with having a full time job outside the home. So that was an added surprise

Today, I've been visiting pixel websites and emailing owners our forum logo and link.
Not sure if many of the tag boards and plug boards are really checked anymore these days...
I've also created a portal page to my web site and just put up a lil' banner exchange on that page.
If you want to come play with us or participate in the banner exchange come on over ;)



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Absolutely amazing in this silly silly world that we are living in right now; that I actually have tenants that completely disregard the fact that
rent would actually be due by a certain date, not just whenever they happen to get around to it.

So bizarre!

It's like the disconnection from reality is a catching thing these days I guess...


Lets Play!!

heeey!! We're always looking for more people to play games with over at
I would love to see more come over and join in with us.
There is currently a new LOTTO game going. Pick 4 numbers. You just might win 1,000 coins to spend on palace goodies!!

I really enjoy being at The Pixel Palace. So much so, that I've been working on my own website in the style of a forum. *shrugs* yeah! Easy Peasy. Cheap. Or free. Whichever you prefer. I've spent a small amount of money *lol* I can share all my goodies, I can have shops, we get to earn imaginary money to spend on club goodies *lol* Who doesn't luv that!!

You earn your tokens, coins, whatever you want to call them by posting and participating. I'm up to over 10,000 coins at The Pixel Palace. So, I'm going to get some new siggies *giggles*

I was getting pretty bored with wordpress. So, I've been having a lot of fun teaching myself how to edit a new pretty theme for my place...


Entitlement Is Amazing

Self entitlement really cracks me up. I swear...

I could choose to say that a lot of things are going wrong. But maybe its the opposite. Maybe a lot of things are going
just as they are supposed to; because I know my job duties a LOT better than when I started a year and a half ago.
Tenants are gossiping about me spreading rumors that another tenant beat the crap out of me. *excuse me, I'll be over here in the corner laughing my ass off*
Also, more gossip is that I am very unprofessional, I call female tenants 'biotch', I don't know what I'm doing, I'm being replaced. *more laughter*

I also got screamed and ranted to over the phone, called a stupid F'ing biotch. Told I am a government employee. No actually I am not. Well, you work for Section 8. -- NOPE. No I do not. You ARE employed by the government. No actually I am not.
In reality, I am not even employed by the management company that runs the government low income housing complexes. I work for the apartment complexes themselves. They are owned by the government, but I am not! *lol*

And this is where the self entitlement comes in to play. This guy as he is screaming at me, tells me he thinks I'm jerking him around. I have not made him a #1 priority. *lol* Well, if your not getting me the documents I am required to have. There is nothing I can do. Thats on you. I'm certainly not going to get into trouble with the various government agencies that look through my files; because someone feels they are entitled to be first and foremost above all other applicants.

Applications are processed in the other they are received. Yes, I want to do all I can to help people. But if your not going to take any responsibility to do things properly and think I'm going to just hand you an apartment your sadly mistaken. I have rules, guidelines to follow. Ya know, like everyone does in every day life...
I love helping others. I am above no one. Personal feelings are not entered into the application process at all. I believe 100 percert in second chances. But you can't just say your homeless. Come back in and say you have a job now. Which is great. But then take weeks and weeks to get me a simple document that is required before move in and then blame me and say your ABOUT to be homeless.

I must be doing something right if people that are not following rules are getting mad at me, blaming me for their lack of responsibility.
I was a wonderful person when I first started. Sure! I didn't know who all was crossing the line. *lol* I'm not a manager to people please. I'm not doing my job and have many people to answer to if I'm not following the rules and doing my job...

ok, rant over *lol*

It just really cracks me up anymore how so many people think they are automaticly entitled to something, that they are not.


RPP Purchased Graphics


What Is Wrong...

My gosh, what on earth is wrong with people these days! Why can't men just have a nice normal relationship. Instead of all the secrets, double lives, lies, pretending, drama drama drama.

My daughter was in town today and I had a really nice family lunch with my family. My daughter, me, my son and ex-husband. We had a lot of laughs and it was a lot of fun.

Then she and I go back to my apartment. And she starts telling me all these BIZARRE things about her boyfriend. A boyfriend of TWO YEARS!
Oh. He's just married. Thats all. Guess thats not a big deal to some people. But in my family it is. We respect marriage!

She starts telling me about all this information she has tracked down on him. And how they never go out to eat or anything. Or do anything at all in public. He comes and stays the night often. He goes camping with her sometimes. But she has never ever been to his home. Whaaaat? Umm how is that possible.
Now mind you, I watch a lot of crime stories, family murder, Ted Bundy, OJ Simpson shenanigans. So, I'm thinking don't push this issue too hard. Who knows WHAT he is capable of.

Oh yeah. And turns out the name she knows him by, well that is not his name at all. He's not even using his middle name. It totoally is not his name! And she even bought him a christmas gift engraved with his last name on it. What on earth did he tell his wife about that? And how can he just go without being home all weekend?? Is this some crafty lies? Is his wife sick and she is away or not aware??

And whenever she confronts him about anything, total psychopath - just walks away. Says he doesn't need to deal with this kind of stuff.

hmmm... maybe thats why you lead a double life; with who knows how many other women!

AND he had the nerve to search up my daughter on Google checking out her past, and seeing what all information he could discover on her. Ummm dude! You need to find out what your story is before you go trying to pick apart someone elses! And theres this little thing called - talking. Getting to know someone. Communication! wow...

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SO Flipping Excited Over Here!!

yasss!!! right here!!! This gal is sooo excited!!!

So, with so many pixel sites being gone and people having moved on to other things.
I took a shot and emailed Jen at RPP. Oh my gosh, she is still as sweet as ever. I had
purchased almost every single one of her tube sets when I was active with my pixeling, sigtag making...
But ya know how things happen. And yes, I had a computer crash and had gotten way lazy
about saving everything to C.D.s...

Her tube sets are some of my very favorite graphics. And I asked if I could by any chance purchase a bunch of them.

I wasn't convinced that those old emails of hers would even still be a valid email she was using anymore...

OMG! Was I shocked to hear from her. *big giggles*
I'm so excited that I will be getting her Portrait tubes again. I absolutely loved that set!

Sheesh, I'm back into pixels less than a month and so many good things happening already LOL!

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