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02 May 2014 @ 04:55 pm
Candle Crafting...  

Alright, so I have been brainstorming today for my candles and containers. I've been trying to use or actually 're-use' some things around the house and remake them over into something else.

Do you think that prim grungy candles are only an autumn type candle? Would you yourself ever consider purchasing a prim grungy candle during the spring? summer? Or does it only have an autumn type feel for you.

Grungy candles are fun and easy to make. I was also thinking about changing it up a little and adding some more ingredients this time. This time they would be:
Coffee grounds, clove, cinnamon, apple pie spice, and cocoa. I also have thought about adding brown sugar into the mix too.

Yesterday I emptied out 2 of those cute little cans that those vienna sausages come in. Then I glittered the outside of the can. So, now I'm thinking about pouring out soups that I can not have and making the outside like a grungy prim candle.
What do you think?

And if your asking yourself, well why can't this crazy woman have soup. Why doesn't she just donate the soup to food banks. - First, I'm gluten-free and can not have anything with wheat, rye or barley. All the soups I have include wheat in the soup or they have pasta, which of course is also made with wheat. I don't feel comfortable donating them, because they are past the date & would be nervous of someone getting sick. And since gluten makes me very sick I do not agree with giving it to others. Especially since I'm more educated on the probems gluten causes. And they diseased and disorders that clear up when it is removed from our diets!

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