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03 May 2017 @ 06:44 pm

I have been so busy lately. But on the other hand, not nearly busy enough *giggles*

I have been working on tubes. And I've also strayed back over to a forum I was a big part of yearssss ago. Delphi Forums. I'll leave a link to my forum there later on. My forum theme had a little css whoopsie today *lol* I've been making signature tags, and just kicking back looking through old old discs, looking back at my old work. Which can be so funny!
Heres some of what I've come up with lately...

this is an old sigtag that I updated with a new font.

I colored an outline of my own, that I'd never done anything with.
(the little sugar jar with the heart) and I recolored the mug with better colors.

I have had a lot of fun the past couple of weeks running across old tubes, plugins,... I got my PSP plugins working again with the help of a gal over at Delphi. She gave me some .DLL files I was in need of!

12 April 2017 @ 07:10 am
Last night I had a dream so awesome I can still remember it. So vivid. So full of color. But wait. Why do people say that we do not dream in color?? I remember these colors!! I probably had this dream because we've been talking about it so much at work.

It was about the pink moon last night. That I walked out the front door of a house. It was my house, but I'm not familiar with this house for real. And there it was peeking from between the clouds so pretty and it had a pink tinge to it. And there were beautiful mystical symbols on it. And then I saw a man in the park across the street projecting images onto the moon. It was soooo coooollll!!!! It was so breathtaking that I just laid down on the concrete porch and gazed at the beautiful pink moon and the imagery.

I read yesterday in an article about the full pink moon. The first full moon of April is named the Pink Moon because of pink wild flowers that bloom in April. But the moon itself does not take on a pink hue. But it does seem like the moon stays full for longer amount of time this month. A friend was telling me that on the 10th it was 100% full, then on the 11th it was something like 98.9 and the 12th just slightly less than that. Doesn't the full moon usually wane faster than that?? I'm not sure. But so so many things and people are out of wack and off balance because we are also experiencing Mercury Retrograde at the same time as a full moon. Talk about craziness, anxiety, communication problems, attitudes, mind games, digital devices and internet services not functioning properly... Eeeeiiiii!!!!

ALP, completement blinkies, bingbangboomtubbies
my signature tag was created by me in 2007
using purchased graphics from ALP :: CB ::
08 April 2017 @ 12:58 pm
Fun Meme by halliwell

Where is your cell phone - On my bed

Your hair - red, growing my bangs out.
Your mother - California with my dad
Your favorite thing - Crafts
Your dream last night - So bizarre! It was like a prison. Lots of people.
Your favorite drink - Asai Berry Red Bull
Your dream/goal - For lashlolita.com to be my full time, bill paying job!
The room you are in - livingroom
Your fear -drowning or airplane crash
Muffins -I don't eat them. But when I did -- ooooh! Those gigantic poppyseed almond muffins!!!
One of your wish list items -https://www.pinterest.com/pin/304555993539086849/
The last thing you did - Took a drink of my Red Bull
What you are wearing - Purple sweat pants, pink footies, purple faerie moon t-shirt, and Seahawks hoodie
Your TV - Will be binge watching Sopranos right soon!
Your pets - 3 female siamese cats, 1 black male cat.  (Isis, Freya, Willow, and Shadow)
Your computer -Samsung Laptop
Your life - Is getting better all the time!
Your mood - meh... Exhausted from work. Trying to get rid of a headache...
Missing someone/something -Missing having a clutter free stress free clean home
Your car - 2009 Mustang
Favorite store - Michaels Crafts
Your summer - Is going to be awesome!!! I'm going to New Orleans for the first time!!
Your favorite color - lavender
When is the last time you laughed -Probably at some point yesterday
Last time you cried -April 2nd, when I watch the movie Selena
Three people who email me - my mom, heyurs, ladyofavalon77,
Three of my favorite foods - brownies, coffee cake, pizza
Three places I would rather be right now - I'm happy to be where I am right now. I believe that where I am at this moment in time, is exactly where I'm supposed to be.
Three people I think will respond - heyurs glowstar ladyofavalon77
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04 April 2017 @ 01:30 pm

I'm looking for nice layouts for my journal using pixel graphics. Last year around December 2016 I seem to remember pixel layouts being sold for $3.00 to $5.00... Now I don't see any around. I've also been looking around at coding/layout communities today.  I've been spending much more time in LJ. I'd really like to expand and learn more and do more. I'm still a multitasker *giggles* So, I can't be here constantly. I work a nursing home job as a CNA full time, I have my home business - Lash Lolita and then there is that domestic goddess thing too. - housework *lol*!!! But I do feel like I'm keeping up and trying to learn the LJ way ;) My interest is really in layouts. I miss designing wordpress themes. So, I want to learn how to customize here! :) Any links would be appreciated. T.I.A. I'm really loving my time I spend here at LJ with all of you, the new friendships I've made too!

Lots of Luv!! XO

Natalie Bewitched by Jo @ TFT

03 April 2017 @ 09:43 pm
=) hey hey!! I've updated my Friends Only - Faerie Hill!
Cute lil animal tubess have been added recently. Adorable Lil Unicorns and Lil Skunks!!
Have fun!!
Join the fun at Faerie Hill


25 March 2017 @ 08:38 am
I am so excited!!! I got a private message on Facebook from a very popular pixel artist. She was asking me about LJ and if there is a no-no graphics list and such. So I gave her that information. She told me that she does allow her graphics on LJ. And sure enough her name is indeed on the list I gave to her.

She does not have an LJ account. She said she would create one next week and come visit me.
I'm soooo excited to have another pixeler come to LJ to play with us!!!
I went to visit her website, because I had not been there in so many years. On her portal page she has the cute button collection of other pixelsites. I just luv those!!! SO many of those links were dead. Those websites are gone. Simply Shantastic, Flutter Faerie Hollow, Leo's Corner, Color My World, Kiddzzoo, Karins Creations, Lil Pixel Treasure, Lil Pixie Haven, Baernecessities, Pixy Corner, Arcana's Pixels, Pleasantly Pixelated, Ariel's Light, Creative Intentionz, Whimsical Beginnings...

Some of those sites are where I began in pixels. When I came into it, it was called Pixel Painting. :D

Soooo, who could this mysterious pixelita be????

[Take a Peek!]
Marcela!!! www.marcelasdesign.com

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13 March 2017 @ 12:46 pm
Well I did some creating and goofing around this morning! And many times, I'm not sure
what I'll want the signature to be on down the road. So I make several different styles of the same one...

and last but not least an animated glittered version!

Now off to do my makeup videos! whooohooo!! #GameChanger

Whoopsie! *edited to add credits*
greyscale outlines purchased at My Doodles :: Colored by me ::

11 March 2017 @ 07:14 pm

Aaaaahhh!!! That is the sound of peaceful solitude. Hubs left to go play in a tournament. Our grand daughter spent the day with me today. A much much over-due Nana and grand daughter day. The 3 of us went to breakfast. I made home made carmel popcorn for us later and we played around on our laptops and played with the cats *giggles* Now I'm here alone to do some pixeling. Some of my tube sets I did in winter colors, or fall colors,so I like to go through and add in spring colors too now. It's fun to look back at my old work too!

I also got a new blinkie today! Thank you here I have always luv'd panda bears!!!

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